Women's Skirt

One of the most famous types of clothing which is generally worn by women all around the world is a skirt. It is a cone shaped type cloth that is wear around the waist and cover all or some part of the legs.

Skirt is mainly a type of ladies clothing, but in some parts of the world, it is also wear by the men. Kilt is a type of traditional knee length pleated skirt, worn by men in Scotland. Skirt can be a draped cloth, made of up from single piece of cloth.

Now a day’s skirts are made up using light fabrics, such as denim, worsted, poplin etc. These light thin skirts are usually worn with slips. The length of the skirt can be as long as it touches the ground or can be short up to thigh. This factor totally depends upon the fashion or on the personal taste of the woman.

In the past a word "petticoat" is also used to portray the skirt type cloth.